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Crowns Specialist

Eastpointe Family Dental Center

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If your tooth is decayed, broken, or otherwise damaged, a dental crown may save it from extraction. Dr. Mark Solway of Eastpointe Family Dental Center in Eastpointe, Michigan, provides metal-free dental crowns that preserve your natural tooth and look like your real teeth. If you have a broken, decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth, need a dental bridge, or have an unattractive filling and you live in the Eastpointe area, call Dr. Solway’s friendly staff or book an appointment online.

Crowns Q & A

What’s a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped, tooth-colored cover that fits over your natural tooth to repair and strengthen it, possibly saving it from extraction. Crowns mimic the look of the crown of your real tooth (the part that extends above your gum line).

Dr. Solway uses metal-free porcelain crowns and bridges, and also takes care to match the color of your crowns to your natural teeth.

Why do I need a dental crown?

The crown protects your tooth, preventing infection and further damage.

When your tooth is broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged beyond repair, you need a crown to strengthen it. If you don’t get a dental crown, the tooth may need to be extracted. Dental crowns are also used to cap your tooth after you’ve had a root canal.

When you have missing teeth and opt for a dental bridge to replace them, crowns are used to cover your abutment teeth — the teeth on either side of the gap that is used to anchor your bridge, lending it stability and strength. The abutment teeth are filed down so that the crowns in the dental bridge can fit over them.

Finally, you may opt to have a crown for purely cosmetic reasons. Some people have a large, unattractive filling — you can hide it with a crown. Crowns can also cover teeth that are highly stained, misshapen or worn down.

Are porcelain crowns better than metal crowns?

For your safety, Dr. Solway and his staff offer metal-free fillings, crowns, and bridges. Porcelain crowns are not only safer, they look more natural than metal-based crowns. The layers of porcelain allow light to filter through the tooth as if it’s a real tooth.

The layered porcelain that Dr. Solway and his team use for crowns are strong and durable. Metal-based crowns sometimes erode at the baseline, which lets the dark, unflattering metal shine through.

Porcelain crowns are tooth-colored all the way through. The men and women who’ve been fitted with Dr. Solway’s crowns report that friends and family can’t pick them out from their real tooth.

Get a permanent porcelain crown that’s custom designed to match your other teeth by contacting Dr. Solway at Eastpointe Family Dental. You can call his helpful staff or just use the online booking form.