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Before I came to see Dr. Solway I had a fairly large gap between my front two teeth. I didn’t want the long wait of braces so I decided to try Lumineers. Dr. Solway did great work and I love it love it love it! I get compliments all the time.


I got Lumineers from Dr. Solway and I love them. Thank you.


My experience has been very pleasant… I’m very happy with the dentures… their fit is great… I’m happy with my whole experience here.


I just can’t stop looking in the mirror because it makes me happy that I have teeth now.


I just recently got Lumineers and I love what they’ve done.

Other Testimonials


Robert: As good a service as I ever had.

Jean: I am writing to thank you for your professional expertise in performing all the successful surgeries in my mouth. The restoration of my teeth far exceeds any expectations I may have had. They are straight, natural looking, white and beautiful.

Gunnar: I can’t find words to express my deepest appreciation for my implants. After I was told that I couldn’t have implants done, I felt so hopeless and scared. Thank God we have a great doctor like you to make the impossible work. I know if I weren’t lucky enough to find you, I would surely have a mouthful of problems.

James: When I came to the doctor to get my implants done, I was totally nervous but the experience was the best I ever had. Everything was so quick and painless. I really have no words to say except it was stress-free and totally amazing. My teeth look absolutely beautiful.

Susan Richardson: Hi, my name is Susan Richardson; I’m from Warren, Michigan. I had lost a few teeth and I’m on blood thinners and my dentist said there was nothing they could do because of the blood thinners and I found Dr. Solway on the internet. He was so gentle and so comforting to tell me about Snap-On Smile. It has worked tremendously for me; I just picked it up a few days ago. I’ve gotten numerous compliments; it has given me such confidence. I’m so happy with the product. I would’ve called days before but I cried and cried because I was so happy about it. So that’s why the delay in testimonial but I highly recommend it; it made a world of difference because my front tooth I didn’t have a front tooth and I couldn’t have nothing done to it at the time. So I’m very grateful for Dr. Solway and very grateful for Snap-On Smile. I recommend it to anybody who has missing teeth or have teeth that they just hate; try it! It makes a world of difference and brings your confidence up tremendously. Thank you!

Shana: I am so happy that I went with Lumineers instead of metal braces. The outcome was better than I had anticipated it would be. I absolutely love my results.

Timothy: Lumineers have made such a change in my smile. At first I was hesitant because it was hard to believe that a little piece of plastic could straighten my teeth. I am astonished by the great results. Seeing is believing, and now I recommend Lumineers to everyone who complains of getting braces.”

Tracy: I knew I had to straighten my teeth. I was just really scared of getting metal braces. Lumineers [was suggested and] since I wasn’t to keen on the idea of putting all that metal in my mouth. The idea sounded really simple and painless. I went ahead with the treatment and I couldn’t be gladder. My teeth look great and it didn’t hurt.

Sam: I like simple. Lumineers were very simple. I didn’t need special dental floss or any painful metal in my mouth.

Deirdre: You told me porcelain veneers would transform my smile, but I never expected them to transform my behavior! Suddenly I’m more confident in my interviews as a magazine writer, and socially, well, just try and keep me out of conversation!

David: I know you said it would make a difference... having a smile and set of ivories that one can be proud and confident brings a whole new dimension to conversation, laughter and socializing. I find myself wanting to smile all the time.

Rob: My veneer-enhanced smile still gets compliments and gives me a feeling of confidence I never before experienced.

Rita: You may tell me that there is a price for what you did, but I tell you that the smile you gave me is PRICELESS because it makes me happier than anything that I ever bought in my life.

Anonymous: Wishes can come true! For many years, I wished I could have white teeth. I had tried all types of whitening and wasn’t very successful. With porcelain veneers on my teeth, my teeth look awesome. Everyone compliments my beautiful smile.

Anonymous: I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my teeth. I still can’t believe the difference you made in my smile with the beautiful crowns and veneers.

Brian: Porcelain veneers transformed my teeth and my smile from dark and crooked teeth to straight and white. This was truly one of the best investments I have ever made. The only mistake is that I waited about 15 years too long!


Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Solway is a great Dentist. He pulled my bad tooth out and was very reasonable with the price"

    Phou M.
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    "Dr. Solway definitely makes sure you're well aware about the procedures, healing process, and how to maintain a brighter smile."

    Delmas E.
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    "I love this place. Dr. Solway is amazing [...] and office hours are beyond accommodating. Sometimes they are open 7 days a week with long office hours."

    Stacie L.
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    "I truly appreciated the fact that Dr. Solway took the time out of his day to make sure that I was accommodated accordingly, and for that I will be a returning patient."

    Shaun M.
  • "Dr.Solway is always friendly and professional and never has me waiting in the lobby or a chair for hours."

    Eric W.



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